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Telecharger-une-video.com can download and convert videos from multiple platforms to MP4, MP3, FLV, WebM at full speed in high quality: Just copy and paste the URL of the video, validate and automatically it you different download formats will be offered. The downloaded videos can be easily saved to any folder you want.

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You can quickly download high quality high definition or full HD video / music from YouTube and enjoy it offline on other media players - tv, iPhone, iPad, MP4 players or MP3 players. Why faster? All simply thanks to the Booster Download option, which allows you to download your videos or mp3 twice as fast. This option is exclusive to telecharger-une-video.com.

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Compatible with more than 50 video or music streaming sites.

The script is compatible with more than 50 essential sites including Youtube, Tiktok, Instagram, Soundcloud, twitter, Dailymotion, facebook and many others. Even more ! The site also offers tutorials or software to download your content on sites that would not be accessible thanks to Télécharger-une-video.com : Itunes Deezer Spotify for example. It may happen that, despite all the efforts made to update the site, certain pages are temporarily non-functional. But this is temporary, so please come back if necessary.

No need to install any software and No Registrations With Download-a-video.com no need to install a multitude of software for each streaming site. A single address and more than 50 accessible sites. In addition, no registration or hidden costs are required. Download free and unlimited your royalty-free movies, videos, clips, mp3s and albums. Advice and tips will be provided to you during your visit to our site.

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Supported Websites:

9gag Akillitv Bandcamp Bilibili Bitchute Blogger Blutv Break Buzzfeed Dailymotion Douyin Mycanal Deezer Espn Facebook Febspot Flickr Gaana Imdb Imgur Instagram Izlesene Itunes Kwai Likee Linkedin Liveleak Mashable Odnoklassify Youtube Periscope Periscope Puhutv Reddit Spot Viktime Vizo Shazam Tumblr Twok Shazam Pinterest Twok Shazam Pinterest Puhutv Reddit Spot Tv Shazam Tumblr Twok Shazam Pinterest

Télécharger des vidéos de plusieurs sources

Vidéo Downloader vous propose de télécharger des vidéos dans plusieurs formats, y compris MP4, M4A, 3GP à partir de plusieurs sources.
Le fonctionnement est simple : Entrer l'url de la page ou se trouve la vidéo, le site détecte automatiquement la source et vous propose de la récupérer en un clic dans la qualité sélectionnée.

Télécharger des audios

Télécharger gratuitement vos sons, fichiers audios, Mp3 libres de droits sur les plateformes de partage tels que YouTube, TED, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Tiktok, Reddit.
Plus de 40 sites compatibles avec un grands choix de format de téléchargement MP3 M4A et WEBM.
de 48kbps à 256 kbps