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5 April 2022

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What is Odnoklassniki?

OK.RU is the official application of the social networkOdnoklassniki, a kind of Russian Facebook mainly used in former Soviet republics such as Armenia, Moldova and Georgia (along with Russia , of course).

In short, OK.RU offers a very Facebook-like user experience and interaction. It means that users can post on their wall, upload their videos and photos, exchange with other users, etc.

OK.RU is a Russian social network, only available in Russian. It will only be useful to you if you have friends or contacts from this country or from some of its satellite countries. It is also true that the social network is sometimes used to upload content that would be difficult to find on other web pages.

How to Download on

You want download videos of (odnoklassniki) on your phone, ok Video Downloader  will help you download videos easily. How to use video downloader for

  • Copy the link of the video you want to download
  • Press the orange button on the right
  • In the list that appears, just select the format and Click the button above.
  • A dialog box will ask you to select the download destination.

That’s all your downloading begins.